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About Lydia

Lydia Love, owner & CEO of Love and Light Collective®, is an intuitive soul sister & healer. Known most for her authenticity, drive and compassion, Lydia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism:Public Relations from the University of Oregon & is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, certified Holistic Health Coach, intuitive energy healer & a Soulpreneurship mentor.

After graduating university, Lydia became a corporate executive at the age of 26. As a Vice President of Communications & Programs, Lydia had a title deemed respectable & of importance, but found herself in a time of her life that left her the most stressed, most unfulfilled & the least healthy she had ever been.

Knowing her soul’s purpose is to heal & to help others, Lydia had to first heal herself & truly find her personal wellbeing. Using her corporate work ethic & wellness certifications, she created a 3-step holistic health program, using the connection of the mind, body & soul as her roadmap, which has now become her signature offering. In 90 days she lost 15 pounds, ritualized her spiritual practice, solidified her mental health & launched her healing business.


Now an Ex-Corporate Executive turned Soulpreneur, Lydia Love is a multi-business owner who leads from the heart & guides other beings to a life of health, purpose, abundance & alignment.


Intuitive Energy Healing

Spiritual Life Coaching 

 Vegan & Alkaline Nutrition

Growth Mindset & Manifestation

Breathwork & Meditation 

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