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9 weeks to Confidently Claiming Your Highest Self

The Awakened Divine Queens

What it is

In this 9-week program, I take the guesswork out of finding daily habits & rituals that will not only catapult you further along your path, but that will fit seamlessly into your current busy lifestyle.


With my signature 3-step Awakening Success Plan, you’ll not only gain the clarity you’ve been seeking, but together we'll release the blockages holding you back in life. Through a customizable practice, you'll heal the deep lying issues so that you can truly live a balanced & aligned life in mind, body & soul.


Immerse yourself in a community of like-hearted womxn while I provide you with the tools & support you need to have both a rewarding profession and a fulfilling life, without compromising one for the other. 


You can be a high-achieving business woman & STILL live a deeply connected spiritual life. I'm here to show you how.

Pink Earth

What you Get

  • Awakening Success Plan workbook

  • Weekly group coaching calls & accountability

  • A beautiful soul-inspired Facebook community to be a part of where you can get support along your journey & questions answered between live coaching calls

  • Grocery Lists & Recipes

  • High Vibe Habit Tracker

  • 30 Day Movement Plan

  • Weekly glow work to promote healing & breakthroughs

  • Lifetime access to recordings of all live group coaching calls


  1. Seven group energy healing sessions (valued at $99.99 each)

  2. A personal Oracle card reading (valued at $49.99)

  3. "Own Your Vibrancy" 30 Day E-Journal by Lo Delashmutt

  4. Full and New Moon Ceremonies (valued at $66.66)

  5. Opportunities to practice your gifts in a sacred container



Program Details


Really get you connected to your body and feeling good so you can begin physical healing. We'll focus on clearing your vessel of toxins & suppressed emotions through intentional eating & intuitive body movement with grocery lists, recipes & a customized alkaline nutrition program.



Get into your growth mindset. Dive deep into your self-talk, get to know your thinking habits & learn to create positive thought forms that will help promote healing & quicker manifestation of your desires.


Soul (1).png

Step into your authentic power as you solidify your spiritual practice & get a better understanding of how to utilize your soul’s unique gifts. Feel confident in shining your light & truly stepping out into the world as your Higher Self.


How it Works


About Lydia


Lydia Love, owner & CEO of Love and Light Collective®,  is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, certified Holistic Health Coach, intuitive energy healer & a Soulpreneurship mentor.

After graduating university, Lydia became a corporate executive at the age of 26. As a Vice President of Communications & Programs, Lydia had a title deemed respectable & of importance, but found herself in a time of her life that left her the most stressed, most unfulfilled & the least healthy she had ever been.

Knowing her soul’s purpose is to heal & to help others, Lydia had to first heal herself & truly find her personal wellbeing. Using her corporate work ethic & wellness certifications, she created a 3-step holistic health program, using the connection of the mind, body & soul as her roadmap, which has now become her signature program, The Awakened Divine Queens. In 90 days she lost 15 pounds, ritualized her spiritual practice, solidified her mental health & launched her healing business.


Now an Ex-Corporate Executive turned Soulpreneur, Lydia Love is a multi-business owner who leads from the heart & guides other beings to a life of health, purpose, abundance & alignment.


Clarity. Confidence. Connection.


Is this Program for You?

Book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call to find out

We'll discuss what's going on in your life, the direction you're wanting to go & the desires you have for the world around you. From there we'll discuss what's in this program & figure out if The Awakened Divine Queens is a soul match for you!

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