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Success Stories

Success is a personal story that's different for every person. Whether it's improved physical shape, better mental health, more confidence, or simply a deeper connection, this program is targeted to give each client only exactly what YOUR soul needs to heal. 

Client Testimonials

Natalie, 28, Utah

"Lydia kicks this program up a level with her life coaching and energy healing skills. She’ll help you discover your path towards change and give you support to get you to your best self."

Saralynn, 31, Utah 

“I thrive in structure so having a day to day plan with new recipes each day made it so easy to commit to this lifestyle. I did this program to reset but did not expect to love the supplemental products as much as I did."

Emily, 29, Oregon

"Getting a routine down and having Lydia to help push me to move in the mornings really set my day up for success. Her constant support really helped me stay on track and accountable. I achieved things that I had been putting off for months and even started using my yoga teaching certification and started building clientele and teaching zoom classes two times a week. It's scary putting yourself out there but I feel like the confidence I have had lately helped me take the next step and start teaching."

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